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SPEED - Professional Eyelash Extension Glue - 2 to 4 seconds Dry Time - 3 to 4 Weeks Hold Time - Latex Free

  • $ 21.15 USD

Suzy Natural's SPEED Glue - Fast Drying...Strong Bonding...Low Irritation.
This advanced level glue is for specialized professionals only. Fastest drying time for the speedy professionals with quick hands; still getting the advanced bond. Once you use a glue like this you won't change; best quality and best price. For sensitive and/or weak lashes we recommend our SOFT glue.

2 to 4 seconds Dry Time - 3 to 4 Weeks Hold Time - Latex Free 

Glues - Our professional eyelash extension glues are of premium quality. We refrain from using unnecessary harmful ingredients you may find in other adhesives (i.e. latex). While certain glues may emphasize a particular strength (speed, sensitivity, hold power), all of our glues are highly capable. In our pictures you will (should) find a picture showing the different types, levels, and qualities of our professional glue line.


- Keep out of the reach of children;

- Firmly close the bottle after each use;

- If the adhesive gets into the eyes, immediately wash it out with plenty of water;

- It is recommended to store glue in a cool and dry place.


*   All of our products are suitable for professional eyelash extension only!

**   Self application and open-eye application are very dangerous.

*** Some people may be allergic to adhesives!

**** If you apply the glue on the skin itself, skin trouble or irritation will occur.

*Professional lash applications are applied to each individual (natural) eyelash. Eyes must be closed while glue/eyelash extensions are being applied. We do not recommend any person applying professional eyelash extensions to themselves.

Vacuum Packed:
Vacuum packaging prevents condensation and is completely air tight. This ensures the freshness, quality, and shelf life for your glue.