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Eyebrow Clear Glue ~ Adhesive for Eyebrows ~ No Irritation ~ Professional Brows

  • $ 20.88

Suzy Natural's CLEAR Eyebrow Glue - No irritation professional eyebrow adhesive.
This advanced level glue is for specialized professionals only. This glue is for use with brow applications. Clear glue will provide about a 2 week hold, and drys within 7 to 10 seconds. This no irritation glue is an excellent long-term choice for brow application professionals!

Suzy Natural is the developer and operator one of South Korea's special eyelash class. Suzy Natural was founded in 2014, but having seven years resilient experience with us. Currently we are building our base, and products enclosure is not so loaded. However, each product has its own unique characteristics and advantages. We are committed to produce products to it’s own fundamental high quality. Our long term aim is to promote eyelash extension beauty to all over the world.



Glues - Our professional eyelash extension glues are of premium quality. We refrain from using unnecessary harmful ingredients you may find in other adhesives (i.e. latex). While certain glues may emphasize a particular strength (speed, sensitivity, hold power), all of our glues are highly capable. In our pictures you will (should) find a picture showing the different types, levels, and qualities of our professional glue line.


- Keep out of the reach of children;

- Firmly close the bottle after each use;

- If the adhesive gets into the eyes, immediately wash it out with plenty of water;

- It is recommended to store glue in a cool and dry place.


*    All of our products are suitable for professional eyelash extension only!

**   Self application and open-eye application are very dangerous.

*** Some people may be allergic to adhesives!

**** If you apply the glue on the skin itself, skin trouble or irritation will occur.


*Professional lash applications are applied to each individual (natural) eyelash. Eyes must be closed while glue/eyelash extensions are being applied. We do not recommend any person applying professional eyelash extensions to themselves.