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Eyelashes Extension Bubble Foam & Cleansing Brush ~ Protein, Dirt & Oil Remover

  • $ 15.88 USD

Suzy Natural Bubble Foam & Cleansing Brush ~ 40ml / 1.35 FL OZ


Suzy Natural Bubble Foam Cleanser is an important product to have and use during all lash extension sessions. Suzy Natural Bubble Foam helps to maintain your natural eyelash hygiene, strength, and health!

Suzy Natural Bubble Foam & Cleansing Brush safely removes oil, dirt, makeup, build-up, and protein on eyelashes; helping the eyelash extension(s) bond properly and maximize it's hold time.

***Your Clean eyelashes are the key factor to having perfect lash extension sessions. Proper lash cleaning is essential in preventing eye conditions caused by bacteria and/or out-of-balance pH levels.***