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Hue Blanc Easy Volume 6D Mascara Lashes - 0.07mm Thickness - 8mm to 15mm Lengths

  • $ 21.88 USD

  • 16 rows instead of the usual 12 to 14 rows per tray with some other brands.
  • Excellent Long-Term Choice for Volume Eyelash Extension Professionals.
  • J,B,C,D CURL, 0.07mm thickness, 8mm to 15mm lengths, 6 lashes in 1.
  • Proven to be a lighter weight lash than silk and mink eyelash extensions.
  • Scientifically researched for its comfort, strong curl hold, & glossy look.


A new premium 6D Mascara Lash by Suzy Natural. Our Hue Blanc 6 in 1 volume lash makes for an easy application while providing a super full look and not over-weighing your natural lashes. This pre-made fan has 6 0.07mm lashes made from super lightweight hypoallergenic material. This is a exclusive product backed by extensive research. Special fiber material has a soft and glossy surface providing a more visually dense black. From the tip portion to the extended eyelashes, the hair fibers differ from the general synthetic mink or silk lashes; printing softer and more lightweight so consumers feel very comfortable yet full.

Project Suzy Natural
Some of the eyelash company's make or use products that contain cheap chemicals that are harmful to the human skin. Company's are doing this for two reasons: long-term storage and more profits. This can be prevented if company's choose to make Diamond quality products using advanced materials and harmless ingredients. It is possible to pursuit eyelash beauty in a more healthy and natural way. That is Suzy Natural...