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Platinum Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit ~ Eyelashes Extension Bundle

  • $ 199.88

As professional lash artists, we understand the importance of having high quality eyelash extension products. The Platinum Professional Package comes with everything you'll need to ensure your clients are happy with their look, comfort, and feel. We've also doubled up on your quantities so it will last longer. Our kit will service a lot of clients (Full Sets/Refills). Our mixed trays come with 8mm to 14mm lengths.
~BLACK DIAMOND LASH is an exclusive Suzy Natural product backed by extensive research on the comfort, hold, and look of synthetic lash extensions. Special fiber material provide a soft and glossier surface, giving a more visually dense black. From the tip portion to the extended eyelashes, the hair fibers differ from the general synthetic mink or real mink lashes; printing softer and more lightweight so your clients feel very comfortable yet fuller. Our 3D, L+, and Multi-Color lashes are also Black Diamond lashes. The L+ Lash has an extreme L shaped curve (new and very popular!).
~Sakura Lash is also lightweight and gives the sensation and feel of natural eyelashes. Curls of our Sakura lash keeps its shape much longer than other silk eyelash extensions.
Suzy Natural SOFT, SPEED, & POWER glues are the best quality; made without added harmful chemicals and ingredients. Our SOFT is for your sensitive clients, so less than even normal irritation. Our SPEED dries super fast and has qualities of both the SOFT and POWER glues combined.
KIT INCLUDES: 2 Black Diamond & 2 Sakura Lash Trays - .20/Mix & .25/Mix (1 of each)...2 3D-Y & 2 3D-W Lash Trays - .20/Mix...1 L+ Lash Tray - L+/.20/MIX...1 Multi-Color Lash Tray - .20/12mm...1 SOFT, SPEED, POWER glue (5g)...1 Cleanser (15ml)...1 Primer (15ml)...1 Cream Remover (15g)...2 pair of high quality Vetus (ST-12/ST-15) & BEAK (BT-AA/BT-5A) Tweezers...1 Crystal Glue Stone (glue stays fresh longer)...1 eyelash ring...12 glue rings...50 brushes...50 eyelash remover sticks...50 CoQ-10 lint-free eye pads...1 Beauty Scissor...1 Air Blower.