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Rectangle Eyelash Extension Crystal Glass Stone Glue Holder Pallet ~ iLash Stuff

  • $ 11.88

Salon Grade Glue Stone ~ Rectangular Crystal Adhesive Pallet ~ Eyelash & Eyebrow Professionals ~ Upgrade from Jade ~ Elegant ~ Extends Glue Life
  • Premium upgrade from the popular jade stone.
  • Glue adhesive stays fresh and cool much longer preventing dry outs.
  • 4.5cm (2 x 4 inch) smooth rectangular surface that's easier to clean.
  • Healthier choice with non-porous surface so glue won't erode.
  • A Special Eyelash Class by Suzy Natural.

Product Description

Upgrade yourself as a professional and get away from the jade stone. The premium crystal will save you cost over time on glue by keeping it fresh and cool longer while on the pallet. Jade stones work and are very common in the industry, but those that are looking to standout and look more professional are upgrading to crystal stone holders.