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Sakura Silk Lash Kit - Volume Eyelash Extensions Set - J/B/C/D - .05/.07 - Mixed Trays

  • $ 79.88

Whether just starting in the business or looking for better quality products that stay away from harsh and harmful chemicals...you'll be very happy with Suzy Natural. This bundle has been uniquely put together, giving you everything you need to give you beautiful high quality results.
This isn't one of those cheap mass produced eyelash kits that comes with cheap tweezers, glues, pads, extensions, etc.
We also didn't include a carrying case, as most professionals like to personalize their own. All eyelash extension trays come with 16 ROWS vs. the 12 to 14 rows you'll find in other trays/kits. Our mixed trays come with 8mm to 14mm lengths.
Sakura This is a exclusive silk lash backed by extensive research; resulting in a very light and soft material used to produce Sakura Lashes. It gives you the sensation just as natural as your real eyelash. Curls of Sakura stay same and unchanged for longer time of period. From the tip portion to the extended eyelashes, the hair fibers differ from the general synthetic mink lashes; printing softer and more lightweight so consumers feel very comfortable yet natural.
Suzy Natural SPEED glue is the best quality without the harsh chemicals that are harmful to the skin and eye. You'll love the speed, the mildness, and the strong long hold time.
KIT INCLUDES: 3 Sakura Lash 16 row trays...1 Speed glue...1 cleanser...1 premium gel remover...pair of high quality Vetus Tweezers 1 straight(ST-12) 1 curved(ST-17)...1 rectangular crystal (upgrade from jade stone, glue stays fresh longer)...15 mascara brushes...15 eyelash remover sticks...15 Co-Q10 lint-free rejuvenation eye pads....1 Beauty Scissor...1 Air Blower/Extension Dryer